Vongrid at Codecamp 2021

We were more than excited to join Patras Codecamp 2021 (13 & 14 November 2021) by organizing 3 different workshops!

As part of the “Introduction to Game Development: Art & Code” workshop we developed a shoot ’em up arcade 2D game, presenting the typical workflow of designing and programming video games. Panos Drillias and Thanos Kamberogiannis developed the game’s C# code using Unity and Michail-Christos Kostoglou designed the game’s graphics using Krita.

Advanced users had the chance to join “Clean Code & Collaboration in Unity: C # & Git” workshop presented by Thanos Kamberogiannis and Panos Drillias while children aged between 10-12 years old joined the “Introduction to video game programming” presented by Panos Drillias, Irene Ioannidou and Grigoris Skamagis.

Patras Codecamp is organized by Intermediakt during the European Coding Week, offering open and free seminars on programming and web technologies.

Vongrid at Codecamp 2021
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